Prothane Universal 90 Deg Greasable Sway Bar Bushings - 9/16in - Type B Bracket - Black - 19-1202-BL


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Prothane Universal 90 Deg Greasable Sway Bar Bushings - 9/16in - Type B Bracket - Black


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We started manufacturing less than 100 parts. After much work, dedication, and using our exclusive formulas, we now have over 10 thousand different part numbers. We work with employees who are passionate about the automotive industry. Our engineers have real and precise automotive expertise and pay attention to customers’ needs to better understand how to develop new products. That passion and professionalism have driven our growth.
In the late 80s, Dee Engineering acquired a small urethane suspension factory to make suspension parts for its Volkswagen Beetle line. Requests for other vehicle parts soon increased to the point that the owners could no longer ignore it.
PROTHANE™ – then Automotive Suspension Experts, was launched in 1991 by two brothers who were professional car racers, to offer PROFESSIONAL high-performance urethane products to car lovers around the world.
We now offer an extensive line of high-tech products for cars and trucks, all made in the USA! Whether it is an Asian or European import or an American car or truck, PROTHANE ™ has products for it!
We manufacturer a wide range of urethane products as replacements and upgrades for OEM (factory) Rubber bushings, mounts, and parts. Urethane/Polyurethane is a term used to describe a family of elastomers (any compound exhibiting the characteristics of natural rubber; stretchy and elastic). Poly meaning “many” and “urethane” denotes the classification of the chemical structure. Polyurethane or Urethane for short is used as a solid cast material (bushings, mounts, mount inserts, etc.) that can be compounded as soft as a rubber band or as hard as a bowling ball. Each of our products is specially formed to exact specifications for resilience, performance, and durability for the specific application. 

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