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At Armageddon Turbo Systems, we support the visionaries, the idealists, the individuals who look at their cars and see more. We don’t believe in settling – we prefer to go beyond the extra mile that takes a vehicle and turns it into a beast. We’ve dedicated ourselves to engineering some of the finest, most robust turbocharging systems in the world so you can have a vehicle that does more than just takes you where you want to go. Why settle for stock when an Armageddon Twin Turbo Kits can take you to the top level? If you’re looking for a ride that knows how to have a little fun with a whole lot of serious power, there’s no better solution than adding a couple hundred HP and hitting the road.

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turbo kits
twin turbo kit
twin turbo kits
turbo kits

How does 1000+ HP Sound?

If you’re ready to start driving a vehicle that exceeds your expectations of performance, then a twin turbo kit from Armageddon Turbo Systems is your answer. We’re not just experts in our craft, we’re fanatics. It’s our mission to provide our clients with superior turbo kits and stellar customer service. Not all cars exceed 1000+ horsepower, but yours can with the help of Armageddon Turbo Systems! Don’t just dream about your ideal high-performance car, make it a reality with our help. Make your car the topic of conversation and the reason you feel like going for a midnight drive. Take the next step and enter a world where we dream of going bigger, having better, and getting there faster. How does 1000+ HP sound? It sounds like you’re ready to visit Armageddon Turbo Systems.


What We’re Up To

Photos from Armageddon Turbo Systems's post Reposted from @owenazevedo - Progress continues on the #Silverado build. Got some shiny new forged internals to handle some serious power!
#goturbo #z71 #chevy #1khplol #l86 #lt1 #lt4 #sendit #alltheboost #carmemes #sleeper #trucksofinstagram - #wesellallthegofastparts
Photos from Armageddon Turbo Systems's post Reposted from @owenazevedo - Knocked out another twin turbo install on an #Escalade this week. 720 horsepower at the wheels on stock bottom end! Gonna need to turn it down a bit!
#sideshotsaturday #armageddonturbosystems #goturbo #turbobygarrett #boost #caddilac #sleeper #l86 ...
New line of coolant reservoirs coming soon!

Reposted from @daverochau - Working on the latest revision of some coolant tank @owenazevedo, @chrisclarkjr and I have been working on for @armageddonturbo - #goturbo
Some awesome 14 psi (low boost) pulls on this Armageddon Twin Turbo truck by @ltx.performance . Check out those crisp shifts at that kind of horsepower!
#goturbo #speedoiskmh #turnitup

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