Armageddon LSX Twin Turbo Oil Drain Line Kit

Armageddon Turbo Systems

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Armageddon introduces our LSX Twin Turbo Oil Drain Line Kit!

Your solution to ensure the effective and reliable removal of oil from the turbochargers, contributing to the overall performance, longevity, and reliability of a twin-turbocharged LSX engine. This kit, meticulously crafted for seamless integration with our LSX Twin Turbo Manifolds , is a game-changer.

What's Inside:

(2x) Turbo Oil Drain Flange - 5/8" Hose Barb, 1.75" Bolt Spacing
(4x) M8 x 22mm Button Head Bolts
(1x) 6" length of 5/8" ID Rubber Oil Hose - SAE j30r7
(4x) 1" Hose Clamps
(1x) 6" length of 1" ID Heat Sleeve 1,200 *F rating (not pictured)
*(2x) 1/2" NPT to 5/8" Hose Barb Fitting
*(2x) Weld-On 5/8" Hose Barb Fitting

*OPTIONAL ADD-ON for OE Valve covers (NPT or weld-on option)

This kit isn't just about components; it's a symphony of power, reliability, and sheer adrenaline. Turbocharge your ride and let the Armageddon LSX Twin Turbo Oil Drain Line Kit redefine performance. When it comes to dominating the road, accept nothing less than Armageddon!

* May work for other twin turbo applications. Check the description for lengths. Fits Gen 3 and Gen 4 LS Motors.


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