Armageddon Turbo PCM Relocate/Wire Tuck Kit - 2015-2017 Ford Mustang S550

Armageddon Turbo Systems

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On Sale $385.00
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Adding a Turbo Kit, or just want a cleaner engine bay? Armageddon Turbo's S550 PCM Relocate/Wire Tuck Kit is just the answer.

Made from high quality materials this kit will hide your factory wiring harness, fuse box, and PCM outside the frame rail. This provides more room in the engine bay for forced induction systems, and a cleaner look for show cars. 


Installation Guide

At Armageddon Turbo Systems, we support the visionaries, the idealists, the individuals who look at their cars and see more. We don’t believe in settling – we prefer to go beyond the extra mile that takes a vehicle and turns it into a beast. We’ve dedicated ourselves to engineering some of the finest, most robust turbocharging systems in the world so you can have a vehicle that does more than just takes you where you want to go. Why settle for stock when an Armageddon Twin Turbo Kits can take you to the top level? If you’re looking for a ride that knows how to have a little fun with a whole lot of serious power, there’s no better solution than adding a couple hundred HP and hitting the road.



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