Solo Performance Mach Catback Exhaust - 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT & GXP - 994190

Solo Performance

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This Solo Exhaust kit is classed as a “moderate muscle” performance exhaust kit. It has a no drone only a wonderful smooth exhaust note. This in our opinion will probably be the “kit for most G8 owners”. It has more sound than the Mach-Balanced and of course the difference is that the G8 Mach has no balance pipe in the front section. It has a wonderful mid range exhaust note and as one test driver said smiling “you just want to accelerate…Wow!”

It uses Solo’s 14” Mach Muffler and J-pipes, stainless steel polished muffler (inside and out) and polished stainless steel staggered dual exhaust tips. mandrel bent exhaust pipe.

1-10 scale… 1 being stock quiet and 10 being rockin’ noisy

Overall note outside cabin is a 5.
Overall inside cabin exhaust note 3.5

The G8 Mach exhaust kit has a meaner sound compared to the G8 Mach-Balanced. While the G8 Mach-Balanced has a tasteful exhaust note the G8 Mach exhaust kit has that ‘American Muscle” flavour. The exhaust note throughout the spectrum never even hints at raspy or ricey only a deep, full, smooth and mean sound would characterize the exhaust note outside the cabin. Inside the cabin it remains refined and tasteful.

8cyl to 4cyl jump…almost inaudible.
4cyl to 8cyl jump…smooth octave change, not sharp at all.

Going up hills, if your eyes were closed you would not know you were going up a hill.

Optional Solo Performance “Kooks to Solo” High Flow Cats Specs:

  • 200 cell stainless steel spiral wound design. This design is long lasting, ultra-high flow, and completely stainless inside and out.
  • Converters are far overrated for the car, at 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0L of cleaning ability.
  • Includes a special design stainless steel 3/8” thick front flange.
  • All mandrel bent pipes, O2 bungs, and welds are stainless steel.
  • No CEL or engine lights.
  • Solo O2 extenders (supplied) are required in the rear O2 bungs.
  • Works with G8 Mach, Mach-Shorty, Mach-Balanced and Mach-Shorty-Balanced.
  • 100% BOLT ON! 100% STAINLESS- one small cut on each side and then use the supplied band clamps! No welding necessary!!!
  • Off road version with not cats available!

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