Ford Racing 427 Cubic inches 535 HP Crate Engine Front Sump w/Z2 Heads (No Cancel No Returns) - M-6007-Z2427FFT

Ford Racing

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The company that created the famous 427 FE engine offers a modern version of the legendary motor. Built on Ford Performance's BOSS 351 block the 427 crate engine is engineered and built for drive-ability and durability while delivering big power. Ideal for Ford projects requiring 500+ horsepower in a reliable small block package. Now equipped with Ford Performance "Z2" Cylinder Heads-this head promotes improved power throughout the rpm range while retaining OEM exhaust and accessory mounting locations when compared to other aftermarket cylinder heads. Vibration Damper - Ford Performance SFI Approved M-6316-D302; Valve Covers: Satin black, aluminum with "Ford Racing" script -302-135; Oil Pan: Steel with deep front sump pan with windage tray / scraper - 9 quart capacity -M-6675-FT351; Water pump: included long type - standard rotation; Distributor: not included. MSD distributor #85840 recommended (dist. modifications for intake clearance necessary); Recommended fuel: Premium Unleaded; Ignition timing: 32° at 4,000 RPM; Maximum recommended rpm: 5,600 RPM; Balanced: Internally balanced - use neutral balance flywheel (not included); Recommended intake: Edelbrock part # 2924 Super Victor (not included); Front sump pan fits most kits cars without Mustang II suspension; New block, oil and water pumps, performance oil pan and high-performance harmonic balancer; Can be used in kit cars, street rods, Mustangs, cars and trucks; Depending on your application, a different timing cover, water pump, performance oil pan and pickup may be required. Engine has a performance front sump oil pan and pickup, standard rotation timing cover, standard rotation water pump and non-EFI valve covers. Timing cover will work with most standard rotation water pumps; Fuel pump eccentric M-6287-B302 installed, allows use of mechanical fuel pump; Valve covers should fit most non-EFI applications. Optional valve covers sold separately.


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