DBA 07-13 Nissan Sentra SP500 Rear Brake Pads - DB1509SP


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DBA SP500 high performance ceramic based brake pads are copper free and are pre burnished for fast bed-in. The SP500 compound is ideally suited for use with all DBA rotors and is engineered for maximum braking performance on the street.


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Since 2018 DBA has been owned by ASX-listed GUD Holdings Limited, one of Australia’s leading conglomerates of automotive aftermarket product brands.

With its unparalleled technical expertise, DBA not only engineers and manufactures the most comprehensive program of disc rotors and drums, but offers a complete range of brake pads and shoes, calipers, brake fluids, sensors and other ancillary items.

DBA’s product range covers over 97% of the Australian car parc, with direct replacement disc rotors and pads applications catering for street vehicles, performance upgrades, towing, 4×4 / SUV, military / armoured vehicles, track and motorsport applications. While proud of its Australian roots and its local achievements, DBA over time has truly grown into a global player, servicing the world through eight distribution centres across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, distributors on all continents, and exporting to over 30 countries.

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