Clevite Buick V6 181-204-231-252 1977-90 Con Rod Bearing Set - CB1228P20(6)


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Clevite Parts are special order and cannot be cancelled. Many of these parts are made to order and have long lead times. If you are in the middle of a build or delivery is time sensitive do not order without checking stock first.
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Ideal for rebuilding engines where more demanding use is anticipated, such as heavy duty, motorsports, or street performance. As it is the most versatile replacement engine bearing, P-Series is suitable for most OE applications. Due to the increased load capacity of the TriMetal design, it is a suitable upgrade from BiMetal engine bearings.


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CLEVITE engine bearings have been winning NASCAR sanctioned races since the very first NASCAR championship in 1948 and have powered every single NASCAR champion since then to Victory Lane, setting the pace for quality and reliability in the most demanding settings.

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