Solo Mach X-LFX Catback Exhaust- 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro V6 (3.6L) - 993961

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All of us at Solo Performance are proud to announce our MACH X-LFX free flow stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust kit for the 2012 V6 Camaro Convertible. This exhaust kit has been meticulously designed to maneuver around the extra braces that the Convertible V6 Camaro has on its undercarriage. This is a completely bolt-on kit, and there are no special tools or welding required for the install.

All necessary hardware is included. What the Mach X-LFX kit offers is a raw, deep, mean American Muscle sound on the outside of the car, while being non-invasive on the inside of the car. Even with this car being a convertible, the special Solo designed Mach-X muffler that we use coupled with our J-Pipe technology (eliminates unwanted frequencies inside the cabin) combines for a staggering difference in the exhaust note from the interior to the exterior. With all the bracing associated with this car, we had to incorporate our Solo angled resonators at the rear of the car.

This is a special Solo design, and we don’t know of any other company with a similar product. The magic of the Solo Performance Mach X-LFX exhaust kit will allow you to have a normal conversation inside your car, while turning heads on the outside. We call the Mach X-LFX a “sound on demand” exhaust kit. It stays calm until you hit the gas and, depending on how you accelerate, you can play your car like a finely tuned instrument. Once you’re up to cruising speed, for those long highway trips, your convertible will be “almost” stock quiet until you pull out to pass someone. This kit is designed for all V6 Camaro Convertibles.

We have been working on this one for quite some time and had to design and manufacture specific “new” products (2 ¼” Mach-X muffler and the Solo angled resonators) to accommodate the design constraints of the car and the very unhealthy natural engine harmonic. The process to bring this kit to market was quite involved. We’re so proud of the final outcome and hope you enjoy it too. Thanks so much to Howie and Ron for the use of their cars during the R&D phase.

Mach X-LFX Exhaust Details

- T409 Mandrel Bent 2.25” Free Flow Piping

- 4.5″ T304 Polished Stainless Steel Round, Beveled Tips

- T304 Stainless Steel (inside and out) Mach X Muffler

- Tuned J Pipes to eliminate drone!!

- Solo’s angled resonators used to calm the noise

- All braces are easily cleared

- Deep, rich, no drone exhaust note

- Fits all V6 convertible Camaro’s

- 100% Bolt-On!!

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