Twin Turbo – Topic Overview

Armageddon twin turbochargers installed

Turbo Chargers Are The Holy Grail For Power

2015 to 2018 Cadillac Escalade with more power and towing power with twin turbochargers installed from Armageddon Turbo SystemsTurbochargers are the automotive holy grail when it comes to gaining power for years now. Stressing the engine block to the very limit through additional horsepower as well as additional heat output. It does not matter if your car has been modified with new injectors to accommodate a turbocharger or simply the car has already been stocked with one; one thing is clear, the fast-spinning turbine blades are more often the go-to option for “motor heads” who are looking for that extra kick.

However, if a single turbo charger is not enough for you, you can always go for additional power with twin turbo’s. Many high-end and famous vehicles such as Ferrari F40 and Mazda RX-7 have twin turbochargers at their disposal. For this reason, it is time we know what it is, how it works, the difference between it and others, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

What Are Twin Turbo’s  And How Do They Work

Turbos are systems that forcefully induct internal combustion engines to boost power. Regular engines found in most regular vehicles these days are fitted with turbocharger systems with the aim of increasing its horsepower. Turbochargers work by sucking air from the exhaust system, which passes through the turbines and then into the engine cylinders along with fuels. When the fumes are passed in the cylinders, the air which was hot is now cool. The hot air is cooled with an intercooler system.

Therefore, when a mixture of the cold air and petrol enters the cylinder, combustion takes place; but at a better rate than normal. This is how it increases the power output of the car.


• Twin-Turbo: This suggests two identical turbochargers for identical enginesArmageddonTurboSystems_ProductPhotos40

The twin turbo layout is often used for a faster and quicker boost in power. Remember a small turbo needs fewer exhaust gases to wind up to full rev range. For this reason, you can get the same power output with a lot more response on lower revs. On the other hand, twin turbos are used to feed two banks of cylinders generally of a V8 engine. Each turbo feeds cylinders on each bank.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Twin Turbo’s

The Benefits
• Getting a much faster and powerful ride
• Getting the most out of your engine without upgrading it
• You do not lose anything in running it (because it uses exhaust gases)
• The best compromise in terms of space and expense compared to upgrading to large engines
• Some fuel economy

The Drawbacks
• It needs Time and money to invest in it
• Needs customization’s (additional wiring, and other added features)

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