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    Jet Performance Products

    JET Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor - 2010 Camaro SS 6.2L V8

    MSRP: $179.95
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    Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor   The JET Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor delivers improved horsepower, torque and mileage from your car, truck or SUV by simply replacing the restrictive stock mass air sensor. The factory sensor not only is a major restrictive...

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    GM Genuine Parts

    Strong GM Mass Air Flow Meter- 2010+ Chevy Camaro (6.2L SS)

    MSRP: $79.95
    You save $10.00

    Many 2010 Camaro shipped with a weak Mass Air Flow sensor. This sensor does not read as fast as it should and can cause issues with several intakes. GM has revised this part, and all new MAF sensors are strong ones that read air better. The mass air flow...

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