Magnaflow 2.5″ x 12″ X-Pipe (True-X)

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Tru-X Pipe
2.5 Inlet I.D.,
Dual Inlet/Dual Outlet,
2.5 x 4 Center Core,
12 Length
Stamped Stainless Steel

Smooth Transitions
Stamped Y-Pipe and Tru-X Pipe transitions are great for single/dual, dual/dual and balance tube applications. MagnaFlow’s stainless steel Tru-X crossover pipe represents a significant leap forward in technology over traditional H-pipes. The more gentle radius allows for better exhaust gas scavenging, noise cancellation and better balance between cylinder banks. The result is a significant increase in power and torque but a reduction in db sound levels… the best of both worlds.

MagnaFlow offers Tru-X crossovers as part of most of our cat-back and crossmember-back dual exhaust systems. They’re also sold individually in 2.25, 2.5, and 3 configurations. The center cores are either 2.5 or 3, depending upon the part number you select, so check the application chart carefully. The length of all of our Tru-X crossover sections is 12 inches overall, making it compact enough to work in most applications.

Note: This part is sold for custom applications. Please insure fitment prior to ordering.


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