Driveshaft Shop 2-Piece Chromoly/Aluminum w/ Billet Chromoly Pinion Flange – 2004 -2006 Pontiac GTO Driveshaft / 900HP


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GMGT3 1000HP Chromoly/Aluminum 2-Piece Driveshaft

Here is the long awaited 2-piece shaft for the GTO/Holden platform. This system is the strongest and most trouble free 2-piece shaft you can get for the car.

We offer a single piece aluminum shaft which is lighter, but they are not recommended for use above 155mph requiring either 2-piece shaft with hanger bearing or our 1-piece carbon fiber driveshaft for high MPH use.

Features our direct fit billet aluminum flange mount so you don’t have to modify the rear differential and weighs approximately 32lbs.

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