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First Dyno on Sierra Twin Turbo Build Watch this LIVE dyno session (replay) from August 17, 2018. In this video Dave Rochau talks about the components installed on this brand new 2018 GMC Sierra All-Terrain including:
-Armageddon Twin Turbo System: with Dual-Ball Bearing GT3076R (Garrett)Turbochargers
-Armageddon High-Side ...
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1000 HP Tahoe vs. Bourbon Street, NOLA In this video, Dave drives Project: Soccer Mom, our 1000+ Horsepower Tahoe to New Orleans for some weekend fun. Afterwards he makes the journey from New Orleans, LA to Charlotte, NC to get ready for a week of NASCAR support ...
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Beachin' in a 1000 Horsepower Tahoe www.GOTURBO.NET

In this Armageddon Vlog, Dave makes his way from Galveston, TX to New Orleans, LA in the 1000 HP Chevrolet Tahoe, "Project Soccer Mom".

After finishing a meeting in San Antonio Dave found himself with a free weekend, so ...
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Twin-Turbo SIlverado: 5 Day Turnaround

In this video, Armageddon performs a Factory Installation for a very special customer from Abeliene, Texas. Follow along as we bolt 200+ Horsepower onto an otherwise stock 2015 Chevrolet SIlverado LTZ.

Customer drove the vehicle in for drop off, ...
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1000 HP Roadtrip: Bulletproof Tahoe? In Armageddon Vlog 14, Dave drives the 1000+ Horsepower Tahoe, "Project: Soccer Mom" from Albuquerque, NM to San Antonio, TX for a meeting with Texas Armoring Corporation.

Dave explains why bringing the best in Armored Passenger Vehicles and the best ...
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Turbo Trucks in the Middle East 2018: Best of the Best in the Arabian Gulf www.GOTURBO.NET

In Armageddon Vlog 13: Dave Rochau tells us about our recent service trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
In addition to Armageddon's onsite presence in the Middle East, over the past year Speed Technology Motorsports has stepped up as ...
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In the Middle East for: Tech Tip Tuesday Abdullah from Speed Technology shares with us their method for removing and replacing spark plugs on Armageddon equipped, Twin Turbo trucks. Using this method the spark plugs can be swapped in as little as 30 minutes with the turbo kit ...
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Diamonds and Turbochargers: A Valentine's Day DEAL From today through February 14, 2018, get a Hearts on Fire Diamond Pendant on us when you purchase any turbo kit through our website.
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What kind of Fuel Mileage from 1000+ HP Chevrolet Tahoe?

In this Vlog, Dave takes us along on a Cabin Weekend. The Tahoe is now making more than 1000 Horsepower and is sporting Armageddon's Port Injection setup. How will it hold up on a road trip? What kind of ...
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CHEAP TURBOS....for one customer...

Late Model Racecraft, a Dealer for Armageddon, has a customer who opted for a really, really big built engine. Bigger than the turbochargers we specified for it.

At Armageddon HQ we have a customer who started with Base Turbochargers ...
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1400 Horsepower Mustang: Sale went WRONG Link to auction:

had our 2014 Mustang GT1000 "Hellanor" sold, but due to some unforeseen financing challenges from the buyer, she is now available. What do you do when you've already ordered the new project vehicle and need ...
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Closer to 1000 Horsepower: Twin Turbo Tahoe In this Video, Dave Rochau tells us about the progress on Project: Soccer Mom our own 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LT.

As of now Soccer Mom is sporting an Armageddon forged 5.3L L83 Longblock, prototype Port-Fuel Injection, and the GTX3076R Twin-Turbo ...
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800+ RWHP with Direct Injection: 465 LPH Lift Pump

In this video, Dave Rochau unboxes our new 465 LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump Module. If you're upgrading your GM Direct Injection system you'll need to feed it with more fuel volume.


-Plug and Play Installation: No tools needed

Armageddon Turbo
Armageddon CAD Engineering: Designing 16x Injector Setup for LT1, L83 and L86 Kick back, relax and watch as Armageddon Program Director Dave Rochau runs through the Port Injection Spacer design for the LT1, L83 and L86 Gen V GM Smallblocks.

Why is this important? Proper fitment and a perfect seal are essential ...
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Can You Add Port Injection to Direct Injection?

Episode 1: Adding Stand Alone Controlled Port Injection to Direct Injection

General Motors new Gen V LT1, LT4, L86 and L83 engines are capable of making some incredible power. One of the limitations of Direct Injection is the amount ...
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1/2 Ton Truck vs. Mustang GT (Coyote) www.GOTURBO.NET

Your truck is slow. It doesn't have to be. Watch a stock motor Twin Turbo Silverado pass a Mustang GT with a Coyote like it "ain't no thing".
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Value: Armageddon Turbo Systems Value. It's about more than dollars and cents.

When you take the best performance companies on the planet, some of the most talented people in any industry, and create a product that's greater than the sum of its parts,
you ...
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Twin-Turbo Silverado: The Cowboy Corvette

Meet Bruce Lethco. Bruce thought he wanted a Corvette, but he came to discover he could have all the power in his PICKUP TRUCK!

Bruce's Truck features the following:
-Armageddon Twin Turbo Kit for 2014+ GM 1500 Series Trucks/SUV
Armageddon Turbo
1,439 Horsepower "Hellanor" Mustang - For Sale

vehicle was originally built for the SEMA show and Garrett Turbochargers. Armageddon Turbo Systems was invited to create the most powerful street-legal mustang for the entire SEMA show. Armageddon is internationally renowned for producing the highest quality ...
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Armageddon Twin Turbo Sierra 5.3L: Tuned by Speed Technology We stopped in at Armageddon Dealer Speed Technology Motorsports in Dubai, UAE last night to watch them dial in a 2016 GMC Sierra. Fantastic job with the tuning netted 537 Horsepower and 559 Torque on just 7 psi. That's more ...
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Project Soccer Mom Stage 1: Twin-Turbo Tahoe

In Armageddon VLOG_009 Dave tells us about the status of Project "Soccer Mom": Our 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LT. Watch Soccer Mom lay down her first turbocharged dyno runs.

Soccer Mom is FOR SALE and can be found at the ...
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800 Horsepower Twin Turbo Silverado: Gone Forever

In Armageddon Turbo Systems Vlog_008 Dave takes a look back at his 2015 Silverado LTZ. This badass truck served as the prototype for Armageddons 2014-2017 GM 1500 Series trucks. Through several motor and turbo combinations much was learned about ...
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Tear Down a Prototype; Build it for SEMA; Will we make it?

In Armageddon VLOG_007 our Armageddon HQ staff burns the midnight oil at Motiva Performance in Albuquerque, NM.

The plan was to build a 1500 RWHP Camaro for a live event December 15th, with Garrett Turbochargers, but we wanted to ...
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We Turbocharged a Brand New 2016 Camaro, Then Drove it Through the South

In Armageddon VLOG_006 we take our 2016 Camaro SS Twin Turbo prototype on a road trip. Follow along as we put this monster through its paces out on the open road. Dave shares some investment advice with us and ...
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Dumping a 2016 Twin Turbo Camaro

In Armageddon VLOG_005 we design and install exhaust cutous on our 2016 Camaro. Previously this vehicle made 580+ Horsepower. How much will it make bypassing the restrictive factory exhaust?

Also we use our Creaform GoSCAN 3D Optical Light Scanner ...
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Cut It Out! 700 HP Truck Gets Dumped

In this episode we prototype some exhaust cutouts for a VIP's badass stock bottom end truck. You also get to meet Chris from Kooks Custom Headers and Josh shows us his incredible vlog camera mounting skills.

Music: Alan Walker ...
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Can you add 200 Horsepower to a 2016 Camaro SS on Stock Exhaust? From the factory 2016+ Camaro SS models are forced to breathe through a very restrictive exhaust (down to 2.25" on some bends!). Making horsepower with the stock exhaust is quite the challenge.

Will a brand new 2016+ Camaro SS with ...
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2016 Camaro Twin Turbo: Will it Fire?

In Armageddon VLOG_002 we finish fabrication on our 2016 Camaro Twin-Turbo prototype. After months of design ad fabrication, will our test vehicle fire up on the first try?

Subscribe to be notified of the latest vlogs and information from ...
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The Start of Something Amazing: 1500 Horsepower 6th Gen Camaro Starts Here Subscribe to Armageddon Turbo Systems Vlog!
You can expect to see what it takes to design, prototype, prove and manufacture the best performance products on the market.

This vlog will also serve to introduce the world to Armageddon's incredibly talented ...
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Aliens, Twin Turbos and a Family of 6: What could possibly go wrong?

The Madison family goes on a 1500 mile roadtrip. The purpose? Fun in the New Mexico desert and Armageddon Twin Turbochargers installed on their 2016 Yukon Denali.

With Motiva Performance Engineering performing the install and dynotuning, this vehicle was ...

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