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Benefits of driving a truck with an Armageddon Twin Turbo System

The GM 1500 Armageddon Twin Turbo kit combines world class engineering with industry leading component suppliers to add massive power to your 1500 twin turbo kits for sale

Imagine just for a minute, what having all of that power is actually like to live with. Experience your truck accelerating like a tuned muscle car.

Picture the first time you take your friends for a ride and pinning them back into their seats with the look of disbelief on their faces.

When was the last time you popped the hood of your truck to show your buddies your stock engine? Now you have something to show off with polished Kooks forward facing headers made from 304 stainless steel proudly placing the twin Garrett turbos upfront and center for everyone to admire.

Next you’re explaining how twin turbos add power throughout the entire power curve.

And unlike superchargers that rob power to make power, turbos only add power therefore making your truck more efficient.

You’ll even boast that your fuel economy has actually improved. Think about the last time you took your truck on a big outdoor adventure.

Now add the capability of the Armageddon twin turbo system. Visualize the sound of your twin turbos spooling up doses of vitality and the “pffst”of the Turbosmart blow off valve regulating the intensity while driving up a steep mountain road.

You’ll probably notice that since your truck is turbocharged, it’s power didn’t drop off even though you climbed several thousand feet in elevation while towing a boat or camper.

Soon you won’t be able to remember if this truck was your weekend toy or your daily commuter since you won’t ever want to drive anything else. You’re enjoying driving again and feel satisfied knowing that you are driving with the only twin turbo system specifically designed for GM 1500 series trucks.

You won’t have to prove to that high school kid driving an import with a giant tail pipe that you could embarrass him with one push of your right foot, but it’s nice to know you’re the one carrying the big stick.

You deserve a gift to yourself. Add an Armageddeon Twin Turbo kit to your truck and smile everytime you drive.

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