For Sale: Armageddon "Soccer Mom" 1,170 Horsepower 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LT AWD

For Sale: 1,170 Horsepower 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LT

 For Sale:  Armageddon

This 2015 Tahoe LT was purchased by Dave Rochau, founder of Armageddon Turbo Systems, to feature the entire Armageddon catalog and create what is referred to as: Project: SOCCERMOM. With Soccer Mom you don’t have to choose between your personal adrenaline machine and something practical to get the kids to school.

This vehicle has the following major modifications:

-Armageddon Twin Turbo System for 2014-2019 GM 1500 Series Truck

-Garrett Motion GTX3076R Turbochargers (1300 Horsepower Capable)

-Armageddon L86 Forged Longblock: 6.2L Displacement: 10:1 Compression

-Armageddon LT “Street Fighter” Camshaft, Lifters, Springs, Keepers and Locks Package

-General Motors LT4 Fuel Injectors and LT4 High Pressure Pump

-Armageddon Port-Injection Upgrade with Stand-Alone Engine Management

-Armageddon Power Cutouts: Pneumatically Operated Exhaust Cutouts

-Armageddon Coolant Reservoir


Soccer Mom is the ultimate “sleeper” street ride. She has excellent street manners and drives as smooth and predictably as a factory Tahoe. When you put your foot down Soccer Mom is another beast.

On 91-Octane (pump gas) she produces:

-713 Horsepower to the rear wheels with the exhaust valves closed

-947 Horsepower to the rear wheels with exhaust valves open

On 108-Octane (Unleaded Race Fuel)Soccer Mom makes 1,170 Horsepower with exhaust valves open.

The engine has been built to accommodate the massive upgrade in horsepower. Displacement was increased from the factory 5.3L to 6.3L and the compression lowered to 10:1 to accommodate the pump gas boost pressures.

Exterior appearance is understated with blacked out Chevrolet emblems and the Armageddon logo on the center caps of the 22” rims as the only hint that this Tahoe is not run-of-the-mill. Paint is fantastic with the normal wear and tear of a garaged and taken care of 44,000 mile SUV.

This vehicle has been driven to both US coasts multiple times. The current engine setup was installed Winter of 2018 before it was driven from 1,500 miles to Johnson City, TN for an episode of Power TV. Following that video shoot (episode in YouTube link below) it was driven the southern United States back to New Mexico (Another 1,500 miles), then to Las Angeles, CA before returning to Albuquerque, NM and then driven to and from Las Vegas, NV for the 2019 SEMA show. The only maintenance required was oil changes every 3,000 miles and a tire rebalancing. Soccer Mom proves an 1,100 Horsepower machine can be driven anywhere, function as a normal people carrier AND laydown 3 second 0-60 times and sub 11 second quarter mile times.

Offered for sale at $60,000 or best offer. Pre-sale inspections are welcomed. Serious buyers eligible to test drive. Joy rides available and encouraged (time permitting). To purchase contact Jules at (505)672-8112 or email info@goturbo.net

2015 Tahoe LT: 1GNSKBKC8FR627126

- Leather Interior

- Navigation

- Tow Hitch

- Bose Sound System

- DUB 22" Rims

- Hankook Ventus 285/45R22: 60% Tread Remaining

- Heated Front Seats

- Anti-Collision/Lane Departure Warning System


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2018 Coast to Coast Trip:




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For Sale:  Armageddon




For Sale:  Armageddon


For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon



For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon


For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon




For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon


For Sale:  Armageddon

For Sale:  Armageddon




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