Yes: A remote tune comes with every system providing you are using our recommended fuel injectors (ID1000, ID1300 or ID2000 fuel injectors)
Yes: Please contact us for recommendations. We also can arrange shipping to install centers for significant discounts on installation services
For a reasonable assurance of motor longevity we recommend no more than 8 psi on a Mustang GT and 10 psi on Boss 302 vehicles. On the GM 1500 Series Trucks 8-12 psi are good numbers to shoot for providing you also purchased our 3″ exhaust.
GT Vehicles require the installation of a Boss 302 intake manifold. A catch-can setup is also recommended, but not required on low boost vehicles. On the GM 1500 Series Trucks nothing else is required to install, but our 3″ exhaust is recommended.
Yes, the kit will fit on both L83 (5.3L) and L86 (6.2L) engine trims. The main difference is the exhaust systems offered for each.
1500 Series GM Products (Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade).
At this time we do not make any kits for diesel applications.
Yes: Please contact us for more information
Driving characteristics, and fuel mileage, remain unchanged under part throttle driving. You will only notice the extra 200+ Horsepower under Wide-Open-Throttle (WOT) conditions.
Due to the volume of components that come in this precision engineered system, professional installation is recommended.
The entire system has a 1 year warranty on every component (Turbochargers, Wastegates/Blow-Off Valve, Plumbing, Intercooler). The piping has a lifetime warranty against cracking, warping, corrosion and deflection.
Garrett’s warranty is included on every turbocharger we sell.
Garrett Turbochargers make as much, and more, power than any other turbocharger brand on the market. On top of that they are BAR NONE the most reliable turbochargers available. We sell the best Turbo Kits, so naturally we only use the best Turbochargers!
YES! Armageddon specializes in top level turbocharger system design for all vehicles. Contact Program Director Dave Rochau for an estimate: dave@goturbo.net


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